2024-10-14 to 2024-10-26
Follow the Footsteps of Our Mother

A13-day pilgrimage to the major Marian shrines of Europe: Fatima, Lourdes, and Montserrat [Additional stops include: Lisbon, Paris, and Barcelona].

At the holy sites, we will:

  • Celebrate a private mass on the sanctuary grounds
  • Take guided tours of the shrines of the Marian apparitions
  • Make pilgrimage walks to the Village of the Three Little Shepherds (Fatima) and places of St Bernadette’s early childhood (Lourdes)
  • Experience the legendary, healing water of the miraculous Lourdes springs
  • Participate in the rosary and candle procession with other pilgrims
  • Visit the famous Benedictine Monastery in Montserrat where St Ignatius
  • ...more information on the registration page

Contact: Lan Chieu Nguyen, 714-202-7020, chieulannguyen@gmail.com